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The Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies is a non-profit, not for profit membership organization. It is the organiser of the Genealogy Hall of Fame. In its history it has been a vital part in the promotion of genealogy and historical research and education. Genealogy is an exciting and rewarding pursuit that brings the family history closer to individuals and families. The Genealogy Hall of Fame is a unique facility that allows those who love their genealogical pursuits to display their hobby achievements, connect with others who are interested in the same subject, and develop lasting friendships.

The Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies, founded in 2021, is a non-profit, umbrella organization supporting local historical and genealogy societies throughout the state. Its founding members were: Pennsylvania Historical Society, Genealogy Hall of Fame. Today it is one of the most successful museums and community associations in Pennsylvania, known for its award winning museum, libraries, and community projects.

Genealogy societies in the United States are particularly interested in organizing and staging a yearly meeting, which is open to all members of the society. This meeting is geared towards teaching, sharing knowledge, promoting fellowship, and raising funds. Organizers of these types of events generally invite speakers, conduct group research, and exhibit or showcase collections. They also invite local professional historians, college students, graduate students, local amateur historians, writers, public media professionals, corporate employees, or other experts in the field to speak at the annual meeting. The speakers and attendees are often asked to present or give a paper or dissertation on an important aspect of their area of expertise.

Genealogy society speakers who have presented at a nationwide or a state historical societies conference, usually are asked to speak about an aspect of their area of expertise. speakers at a Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies conference will include practitioners, researchers, educators, students, and anyone else with an interest in this particular type of field. For example, if the organization is focusing on the early years of America, speakers might include people who are currently working in early American history fields, such as history instructors, university instructors, coaches, and others. Speakers may also include individuals from the community, family members, or other groups that share an interest in the early Americans. This allows many people to participate in the discussion, thereby making the conference much more engaging.

Presenters at a conference can be anyone, whether they are associated with a professional association, an academic institution, or a public figure. Speakers can include historians, teachers, researchers, politicians, journalists, cartoonists, writers, and more. These speakers are invited to share their areas of expertise and their personal stories about their involvement in the historical field. These stories are commonly interspersed with stories of their travels, experiences, and observations. These stories provide an interesting peek into the past and a glimpse into the personalities of the people who participated in this intriguing period of American history.

The mission of the historical societies is to promote knowledge and history. By holding conferences, these organizations hope to expand awareness of important events and to ensure that current events are better understood by the general public. Through their work they hope to preserve the commonwealth’s rich history and to ensure that future generations continue to learn about it. They work to educate, advise, and help people preserve the commonwealth’s historic past. This organization is truly a unique organization and without its services the historical societies of the commonwealth would quickly become extinct.

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