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The Frankford Historical Society is an historical museum and educational organization is a non-profit corporation located in Frankford, Pennsylvania. It’s located in the Frankford district of Northeast Philadelphia. It was formerly a member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies

Frankford was an important seaport in colonial times, being one of the seven townships that were granted to British pioneers during the Revolutionary War. Today it is still home to many of these same shops, distilleries, and other buildings that were established during this time period. Although many of these businesses have moved on to other areas of Pennsylvania and New York City, there are still a number of them that are based here. These businesses are still operated by families who have family heritage ties to the area.

Frankford also is home to Penn State University. The campus is located just east of city in a part of town called College Park. There are a number of attractions located near where the university is located. They include the College Park Centennial Museum, John Paul II Center, and the College Football Hall of Fame.

The Historic Frankford District is also a popular location for tourists. You will find many fine restaurants, antique shops, and gift shops in all corners of this historic area. It’s also home to the world’s largest collections of civil war artifacts, including a National War Memorial. Many people visit the historic district to take in the beautiful gardens surrounding it. There are a number of parks in the area as well as nature preserves, making it a popular destination with families.

Those who are interested in learning about the history of Frankford should consider attending a lecture or group tour. Tours are available at various times of the year, both before and after traditional school hours. To find a tour that fits your schedule, you can check the website or call the Frankford Historical Society. You can usually reserve a tour for a couple hours or an entire day, depending on what the schedule is.

If you are planning to visit the district, you will need to plan your trip ahead of time. Frankford is a busy place, with plenty of hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing options. There are even bus routes to take you around. Plan to visit during the off season when there is less traffic. In addition to hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing, you may also want to visit the Pennoyer Art Gallery, the Essex Art Gallery, or the Sussex County History Center. Each one of these options provides a unique experience while you are in the Frankford area.

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