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One of the best places to find quality hotel blankets Australia is at Swiss trade. Their extensive selection of luxury cotton blankets is the perfect solution for any luxury accommodation. These products are made in Australia, but can be shipped all over the world. They are also an excellent choice for businesses that want to provide a premium level of service to their guests. The Swisstrade brand specializes in hotel blankets, and offers products for all budgets.

Little Known Ways To Hotel Blankets Australia

hotel blankets australia

The guest fresh luxury line of blankets offers the ultimate in luxury hotel bedding. The pillows feature premium quality fillings and are designed to be hygienic, allergy-free, and stain- and flame resistant. These are perfect for busy hotels because they are made to withstand heavy use and are able to withstand commercial laundering. You can purchase a high-quality blanket from the company that carries the Accor line of bedding.

The company’s pillow range is particularly impressive. The European Pillow is made with 30% pure white goose down and 70% feathers. Other varieties include a standard pillow that is half pure white goose down and half feathers. The memory form contour number is a firm pillow with built-in neck support. The boomerang-shaped standard support is ideal for sitting up in bed. All of the blankets feature a personalised message from the housekeeping team, which is an added bonus.

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